Funding the Future: Fiona’s Story


Fiona is a recipient of the Single Mothers Support Fund grant who is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology at Capilano University.  This is her story in her own words: 

I am a single mother who is determined to create a better future for myself and my child. As a woman who has taken on the responsibilities of parenting and providing, I understand the daily challenges that single mothers face. I decided to apply for the Single Mothers Support Fund (SMSF) grant because I believe in the power of education and training to uplift our lives and secure a brighter future. 

Thanks to this support, I have been able to pursue education and training that were previously financially out of reach for me. This funding has relieved a significant burden of stress and financial constraints, allowing me to focus wholeheartedly on my studies and training. The support has not only eased my immediate financial worries but has also boosted my confidence and motivation. It’s like a guiding light during challenging times, reassuring me that there are people who genuinely care about my journey as a single mother.

Pursuing the training and education made possible by the SMSF grant has been transformative. Not only have I gained valuable knowledge and skills that have expanded my career opportunities, but I’ve also experienced a shift in my outlook on life. The confidence I’ve gained from this educational pursuit has been empowering. It has given me the assurance that I can break free from the cycle of financial instability, provide a better life for my child, and be a role model for them.  As a parent, I believe that by pursuing higher education, I can provide a more nurturing and encouraging environment for my son, Apollo, setting an example of perseverance and the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. Every step I take is fueled by the motivation to provide the best for Apollo, and the SMSF education grant has been an absolute game-changer in our lives, giving us the wings to soar higher and dream bigger than we ever thought possible.

I want to express my eternal gratitude to all those who generously believed in our potential and offered us this grant. Your support has touched our lives in ways we could have never imagined. With this blessing, we promise to make the most of it and give back to the world in whatever ways we can.   Your kindness and belief in our potential will forever be etched in our hearts.