Fundraising & Events

Mother’s Day Lunch

Cause We Care’s Mother’s Day Luncheon brings together our supporters in celebration of mothers and women. The event includes a welcome cocktail reception, sit-down luncheon along with a Keynote Speaker, a raffle, and Blue Ruby and Aritzia pop-up shops.

Cause For Cocktails

Every other year Cause We Care hosts a cocktail party for our supporters. It is an ideal opportunity for personal connections, networking and engaging our individual and corporate supporters while raising awareness about the needs of single mothers in our community.

Merchandise Partners

Shop with our local partners who donate back all or partial proceeds of sales to support the ongoing needs of single mothers in our community.

Holiday Care Package Drive

An empty cupboard can be common during the holiday season for single mother-led families. Most cannot afford gifts or any of the extras that most families enjoy over the holidays, and these care packages offer both necessities and some treats and comforts to help brighten the season for these mothers and their children.

Corporate Philanthropy

Cause We Care Foundation invites corporate donors to join us in our efforts to support single mothers to achieve economic security and well-being. Learn how to get involved as a program supporter or event sponsor by contacting Caroline at

Support a Single Mother

Cause We Care supports thousands of single mothers in our community each year. Help us ensure that single mothers have the resources they need to achieve security and well-being for themselves and their children, by making a donation today.

Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at some of our upcoming events.

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