Caring Corner is an opportunity for us to highlight individuals who support Cause We Care Foundation. With the help of these individuals we are able to assist single mothers in need in Vancouver.

Jill & Craig Sheridan, Legends Haul

We were lucky enough to first cross paths with Jillian & Craig Sheridan while planning a re-imagined Mother's Day fundraiser last year, pivoting to fo...

Sophie Lui

Sophie Lui was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and is the co-anchor of Global BC News Hour, alongside Chris Gailus.  

Adriane King, HAVE Culinary Training Society

“So often women have doors shut on them and they are broken down from that. In survival mode. But receiving funding from Cause We Care is an incredibly positive thing for them.”

Chef David Hawksworth

For several years it was just my mother and I, so I can relate when it comes to single mother-led families who are living month-to-month.

Cindy Beedie

“I connected with Andrea Hill and talked about what she was doing. I feel very compelled to give to organizations that are supporting people living in real poverty.”

John Cannon

Once I discovered that Cause We Care specifically supported single mothers, I was all-in! From the time I was seven, my two older siblings and I were raised by my mother. 

Lara & Jonathan Greenstein – Juice Group

“I know first-hand what it feels like to be overwhelmed in the grocery store and to have to try to feed your family on a meager budget, you have to make some very tough decisions.”

Rachel Cervantes

Rachelle Cervantes is one of our treasured coordinators at Thunderbird’s afterschool Kids First program, which is part-funded by Cause We Care.

Richard Nichols

Creating a positive future for generations to come is an opportunity before each of us, and we at Capital Direct are proud to say we strive to do this through initiatives like Cause We Care.

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