Adriane King, HAVE Culinary Training Society

"So often women have doors shut on them and they are broken down from that. In survival mode. But receiving funding from Cause We Care is an incredibly positive thing for them."
Tell us about the mandate of Have Culinary Training Society and what you do there?
Established in 2007, Hope Action Values Ethics (HAVE) is a registered charity and non-profit culinary training society, we are a social enterprise that provides on-the-job training to marginalized students through operating a café and catering service where proceeds help directly fund our programs. All of our students experience poverty as a barrier to employment and our goal is to work with them to teach specific occupational skills (cooking) in an actual work environment and to place those who successfully complete the training into stable employment. As HAVE’s Operations and Development Director, my role is to support all aspects of our organization: human resources, accounting, business development, catering and cafe operations and fundraising. After starting with HAVE in 2015 in a casual support role, I quickly saw the incredible work happening here and I knew I wanted to be bigger part of it. I currently work for HAVE four days a week; I also work as a solicitor in a wills and estates practice.
How did you first get involved with Cause We Care Foundation?
I was approached by the Foundation in the summer of 2019 in relation to the Single Mother’s Support Fund pilot program and was keen to explore opportunities for single mothers at HAVE who might be eligible to apply for a grant. We quickly identified several women who would benefit from the wraparound support that Cause We Care’s SMSF provides. We worked with the our students to apply for grants and I’m pleased to share that each one was approved for funding.
How does Cause We Care Foundation help Have Café?
Cause We Care’s Single Mothers Support Fund truly removes all of the financial barriers for women and allows them to concentrate on their training at HAVE. This helps HAVE because our students are more present and focused which helps them get way more out of their training. HAVE is also grateful for the administrative fee provided to compensate for the time it takes to assist women in applying for the fund and to complete the required ongoing progress reports.
What are the biggest challenges you see single mothers face in the Have Café program?
Access to reliable and affordable childcare, housing, food security and mental health & physical wellness.
What have been the biggest changes you've seen in the moms who have received funding through the Single Mother’s Support Fund?
Telling the mom’s that their application has been approved is the most emotional experience. It’s like they can feel the strength and love of the people who support the SMSF, all backing them as they take an important step towards further education and economic stability. There is an immediate change in attitude. So often women have doors shut on them and they are broken down from that. In survival mode. But getting this funding is an incredibly positive thing for them. Their load is lightened and they are more excited about their future possibilities.
Why is giving back to the community important to you?
I come from a privileged background. I grew up in a safe, loving middle class family in North Vancouver. I had access to a university education which helped me advance my career. I believe that I have a responsibility to do what I can to make my community a better place. For me that means volunteering at a local kitchen, taking on pro bono legal work and supporting people and projects that make our community happier and healthier. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. Giving back gives me the chance to meet people, learn and grow. I hope that my words and actions spread kindness and positive energy to my fellow citizens.
If you could change one thing about Vancouver what would it be
I would ensure that everyone had a safe affordable place to call home. And if I could do two things I would also solve the opioid crisis.
Motto to live by?
“You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” - Jesse Itzler This reminds me that I can always find ways to make improvements in all aspects of my life. It reminds me to push harder and not accept the status quo.
Anything else you would like to add?
I hope that people reach out and want to learn more about HAVE and the work that we do here in Vancouver. Adriane King or 604-696-9026