Jill & Craig Sheridan

We were lucky enough to first cross paths with Jillian & Craig Sheridan while planning a re-imagined Mother's Day fundraiser last year, pivoting to focus on getting food and necessities to single mothers and their families in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Their food delivery service, Legends Haul, had just launched and their team eagerly jumped on board to work with us to make sure we could get nutritious, fresh food delivered to hundreds of families during an incredibly stressful and difficult time. A year later, we were thrilled to partner with them again - this time on the sale of curated Mother's Day boxes - partial proceeds of which were donated to CWCF raising over $6,000 to support our programs and initiatives this Mother’s Day. We spoke to this legendary duo about their new business and passion for giving back.
Tell us a bit about Legends Haul, how did it all begin?
We started as a food distribution business 3 years ago with a focus on consciously sourced meat and seafoods, suppling restaurants across BC. Then when the pandemic hit, we pivoted very quickly in response. We had just acquired Hills Foods and had a massive warehouse and trucks ready to go and a lot of meat that was pre-cut and meant to go to restaurants – we wanted to keep our staff employed and continue to support local, so we thought we’d try grocery delivery. We started with 30 orders on a spreadsheet, now our team has doubled.
Tell us about your relationship with Cause We Care Foundation, how did it begin?
Cause We Care Foundation first reached out to us last year ago with a request to help provide food care packages to families hardest hit by the pandemic and getting involved felt like the right fit for us. As a mom myself and with Craig being raised by a single mom, we empathized with the struggle that single mothers were facing as a result of the pandemic. We know that our food system is broken, and we firmly believe that organic, fresh and nutritional food should be available to all and not just to those who can afford to pay a premium. It was hugely rewarding to be able to get our high quality produce in to the hands of so many low income families and to be able to make a difference. We were happy to support Cause We Care Foundation again this year with a new initiative that contributed 10% of sales from our Mother’s Day shop towards ongoing Cause We Care Foundation programs and initiatives that continue to assist and empower single mothers and their children.
Why is it important to you to give back?
One of the driving forces behind Legend’s Haul has always been a desire to help others. We quickly established our ‘Friends of Legends’ program to help struggling restaurants through the pandemic and we are really focused on helping the small independent farmers, producers and suppliers. We believe strongly in community and we want to make our mark and hope to set a good example for our children by supporting in ways that will protect our environment and our communities for their future and inspire them in a positive way.
Motto to live by?
Sure, life can be tough – but so are you!
Anything else you would like to add?
None of this would have been possible without our incredible business partners, Alex Ploughman and Jonathan Burke. Our entire team has been outstanding throughout this transition.