Lyndon Cormack, Co-Founder Herschel Supply Co.

Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co. has been a generous supporter of our Holiday Care Package Drive for the last two years, providing 2,200 brand new backpacks to families in need so far. These backpacks have been an amazing addition to our holiday hampers - a useful, practical (and stylish) bag filled with much-needed gifts - and representing hope and a bright spot for single mothers and their children over the holidays and beyond. Cause We Care is proud to partner with this locally based company, whose generosity and commitment to giving back has made a world of difference to single mother-led families in our community
Tell us a bit about Herschel Supply Co. , the business and your work in the community
My brother, Jamie, and I founded Herschel Supply In 2009. We’re a Vancouver-based, design-driven global travel lifestyle and accessories brand. We’re best known for our contemporary renditions of classic backpack silhouettes, but our product range includes duffles, hip packs, luggage, travel accessories, and apparel. Our purpose is to change the way people move through their world, creating Herschel products and experiences to open new possibilities for creatives on their journey through life. Most of our community efforts are focused on supporting creative education, empowering youth, and creating opportunities for future generations because we believe it’s that creative mindset that will lead to finding purposeful solutions to the challenges we will and are currently facing in the world.
Herschel has been an instrumental partner for the Cause We Care Holiday Care Package Drive the past two years, donating 2200 backpacks to single mother-led families. Why did you decide to partner with Cause We Care on this initiative?
While our corporate impact programs are centered around creative education, we recognize that there are other important causes that deserve attention in the community. We’re fortunate to be in a position to support the amazing work Cause We Care is doing and contribute to these types of initiatives that have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of single mothers and their children.
Why is giving back to the community important to you? How does it impact your team at Herschel Supply Co.?
There is no better feeling than helping others, especially when it concerns those in our own backyard here in Vancouver. The city is our home and means so much to all of us at Herschel Supply—it’s only fair that we do our part to give back and ensure we make a positive impact in our city. We’re big believers in momentum at Herschel and that extends to building momentum for doing good. Cause We Care inspires us and we hope that our participation inspires others to do the same. We’re in it together.
If you could change one thing about Vancouver what would it be?
We live in the greatest city in the world. Vancouver is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by the sea and the mountains, with tons of opportunity. I would love to change the rising inequality gap of affordable housing in the city, to alleviate some of that burden and allow people to embrace and experience all the wonderful things Vancouver has to offer.
Motto to live by?
Future forward. I think about the definition of the word future—"everything that is yet to come”. The future forces us to put ourselves out there and head into the unknown, but it also presents exciting opportunities to do and be better.
Anything else you would like to add?
We need organizations like Cause We Care who take the initiative to be an agent of positive change in the community. We appreciate and are grateful for the team’s dedication and tremendous efforts. We know there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes—it’s no easy feat. Herschel Supply is proud to be a part of such a wonderful cause.