Cause We Care House

Cause We Care is proud to have been the lead funder of Cause We Care House, a building that provides 21 units of subsidized housing to single mothers and their children in the Downtown Eastside. Operated by the YWCA, and situated above a full-service public library, this housing facility offers single mothers and their children a safe place to call home, and provides a path towards a brighter, independent future.

Aunt Leah's Place

Cause We Care has provided a grant to support the Thresholds program. This program provides supported housing and services for new moms at risk of losing custody of their child. Cause We Care’s grant will be used to purchase start-up household furniture and supplies for 10 single mothers who have graduated from the Thresholds program and are transitioning into independent community living with their children.


Cause We Care provided a grant to enrich and expand the BabyGoRound Baby Gear Distribution Program, which serves more than 280 single mothers and their children each year.

Cythera Transition House Society

Cause We Care has provided a grant to fund the psycho-educational programming offered at the Counselling Center, specifically a second drop-in group that supports mothers whose children who have been impacted by domestic violence and abuse. The group will discuss the impacts of abuse on child development, behavior and strengthen the parent child relationship.

Dress for Success

Cause We Care is the signature named funding partner for the "Heart Moms" program, which specifically targets single mothers to benefit from a variety of Dress for Success services to empower them into the workforce. Approximately 300 single mothers will be served with this program each year.

Dixon Transition Society

Cause We Care has provided funding to Dixon Transitional Housing Program, which offers a safe space and a holistic range of services to support women to secure stable housing and employment. Dixon Transition Society serves approximately 390 single mothers and their children each year.

Kidsafe Project Society

Cause We Care supported 50 children from single mother-led homes to participate in Kidsafe’s 2022 Summer Break Program at two elementary schools in Vancouver, Thunderbird and Xpey’ Elementary, These programs provide at-risk children with a safe and enriching place to be while schools is out.

Learning Disabilities Society

Cause We Care has provided a grant to support the RISE One-to-One Specialized Explicit Instructional program for single mother-led families. LDS’s programs provide equitable, accessible, and affordable access to customized learning support for vulnerable children who are diagnosed or have suspected learning disabilities. We are proud to have established the Cause We Care Bursary for Single Mothers at LDS to ensure their children have access to this critical support.


Cause We Care has provided a grant to support the Happy Healthy Children Program. Our funds are delegated to provide financial support to single mothers to cover the costs for their children's’ extracurricular activities, including enrollment fees, equipment, and lessons. Approximately 40 families will be supported this year.

Mamas for Mamas

Cause We Care provided a grant to support their Vancouver At Risk Comprehensive Program. This program identifies barriers and provides resources to low income, economically vulnerable and otherwise struggling mothers. Services include one to one support with a social worker, court support workers and the Karma Market (free store) coordinators to help mothers overcome the impact of poverty on their lives and on the lives of their children.

Promise Vancouver

Cause We Care provided a grant to support the Promise Vancouver Out-of-School Program, which is integrated with their Young Leaders Program and includes After-School Care, Spring and Summer Day Camps, and Pro-D Day Camps. These subsidized, trauma-informed programs provide children with enriching activities and positive mentoring relationships and allow single mothers to have the flexibility to work, run errands, or pursue further education or training with peace of mind, knowing their children are well cared for.

YWCA Metro Vancouver

Cause We Care is proud to fund the YWCA Single Mothers' Support Services Program, which is a free, facilitated peer-support groups that provide women who are parenting alone with companionship and community that is particularly critical during times of crisis. In 2023 the eleven SMSS Vancouver groups expect to serve 158 single mothers and 210 children in the program, plus an additional 550 single mothers will be served through one-on-one support.

YMCA Nanook House

Cause We Care provided a grant to support the Healthy Family Network program at YMCA Nanook House. Nanook House is located in the Downtown Eastside next door to an emergency shelter for Aboriginal women fleeing abuse. Nanook house supports many single mothers with children aged 18 months to 5 years by providing a secure, calm environment where schedules, routines, and transitions contribute to the children’s capacity to grow. Families are supported with meals, literacy programs, individualized support from Community Support workers, parenting skills, childcare, special needs educators, and additional therapies and supports to ensure vulnerable children and mothers thrive.

Single Mothers Support Fund

The Cause We Care Foundation Single Mothers Support Fund is a holistic new fund supporting single mothers who are restricted by financial barriers. The Single Mothers Support Fund is intended to assist women to strengthen their educational and economic capacity, and will provide financial assistance for women wishing to gain new, or update existing, skills and qualifications with accessible funds not provided by government or any other agency.

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