Funding the Future: Caitlin’s Story



In 2021, I left a rough situation and came to Vancouver with my two kids, who were aged 1 and 4 at the time.  We took a bit of time to settle, and in September 2021, I began schooling for my Bachelor of Social Work,  I had to do two years of general studies at Thompson Rivers University and then applied for the Bachelor of Social Work program at Vancouver Island University and was accepted to start September 2023.

I am lucky.  Not only has Cause We Care Foundation helped me with a grant from the Single Mothers Support Fund, but my kids and I also live at Cause We Care House.

The fund has helped me afford necessities for my kids and myself, and has taken a huge stress off my shoulders.  It has allowed my children to participate in activities, as well as access to extra support when needed. 

Living in Cause We Care House has helped me build relationships with other single mothers who have similar struggles.  It has also given me support around Christmas, which is a big relief.  And the housing has just been an amazing environment to raise my children. 


I am forever grateful for Cause We Care and cannot wait until I’m in a position to pay it forward!