Funding the Future: Julia’s Story

Julia never thought of herself as someone who would ever seek out social or economic support. She was on a good path, had a supportive family, and had always been very independent. But when she was pregnant with her first child and working to complete her bachelor in Midwifery, she lost her partner to brain cancer. Suddenly, the path she was on looked very different, and she realized that she couldn’t do it on her own. That’s when she reached out for help and was introduced to Cause We Care. She received the Single Mothers Support Fund grant in 2021 and was able to complete her studies in 2022. Now a mother to 3 year-old Celeste, she is working as a Registered Midwife.

We talked to Julia about her challenges, her triumphs, and the positive impacts she experienced because of the Cause We Care funding.

“It was incredibly rewarding and validating to have all of my efforts getting through my training as a single parent acknowledged. I felt a lot less alone, and like there were people out there rooting for me. In addition, funding at this level has real concrete impacts, it addresses some of the social inequalities that single moms face with practical, concrete action: CWC allowed me to secure financial support for education, housing, and childcare. The funding gave me peace of mind. I felt less worried about buying groceries, paying for tuition and school supplies, and compensating care providers who watched Celeste while I was in practicum. I’m profoundly grateful to have been a recipient of this funding.”

How has pursuing this education changed your life today, or your outlook for a financially secure future?

“Midwifery is an incredibly rewarding career. It is challenging, but also so meaningful; I find myself constantly in disbelief that I am able to provide primary care for families during such an important time in people’s lives. I am very happy with my decision to have changed careers in life and happy to have found midwifery. My personal life experiences have also shaped the way that I provide care, and I feel that my ability to empathize and provide support and care centered around my patients’ needs has only deepened. I now run a perinatal and infant loss support group, which allows me to share the insights I have developed through my own grief and weave them into supporting others. In terms of finances, I do feel financially secure, in that I am already employed and making a good income. I do still have debts, and the cost of living is very high in Vancouver, and as a single parent, I am hopeful that one day it won’t feel like I’m just scraping by. Certainly, funding from CWC to get me started out as a working midwife has been helpful. 

If you could say anything to our donors who contribute to the Single Mother’s Support Fund, what would you say?

“I wanted to share my experience with you so you could see the practical and long-lasting impact your donation has in the lives of single mothers. Funding is actually invaluable and helps lift families up, improving standards of living and relieving enormous stress. Please keep it up! And know that your funding is very appreciated.”