Funding The future: Meet Moyosola

Meet Moyosola

By now, Moyosola has become a familiar face to Cause We Care Foundation. 

She has received two Single Mothers Support Fund grants, first to support her training as a hairstylist, and subsequently to support the start-up costs of opening her own salon. Her story is one of resilience, tenacity and strength, and we are  thrilled to share some of it here. We look forward to seeing what she will continue to accomplish in the future, thanks in large part to the donations that many of you have made to the Single Mothers Support Fund.

In Moyosola’s own words: I came to know this Foundation through the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. I was escaping an abusive marriage and they took me in. They reached out to Cause We Care as they knew about my desire to go back to school to enhance my knowledge and skills in Hairstyling. The Single Mothers Support Fund gave me hope, the push and the confidence to venture into going back to school. This funding reduced the stress I would have had to go through, juggling full time schooling and full time work. I only had to work part time with this support. Soft costs associated with going back to school and training were covered. 

This support helped see me through school with ease. I retained my sanity as I recovered from a bad divorce and finding myself as a single mother with three children to cater to. I was able to finish my Pro Hairstyling Diploma Program strong, with excellent grades, and two awards. Then I had school down and it was time to set up for business. I did not want to add more debt to my school loan. So, what did I do? I reached out to Cause We Care a second time for the Single Mothers Support Fund. They did not fail me. Believe me, getting approved for this support opened up my world again. I saw achievable goals, future opportunities and financial independence.

Cause We Care is proud to know Moyosola, and we are not surprised by all that she has accomplished. She is unstoppable. We look forward to watching her continued success in the hairstyling industry.